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Bicom Bioresonance Therapy(BRT) is a gentle, painless, drug-free and scientific proven therapy, like acupuncture and other natural healing methods, it belongs to the domain of empiric holistic method. The Basic principles of Bioresonance Therapy have been confirmed by the newest findings in quantum physics and biophysics. BRT does not cure an illness; it assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and so to help people to restore ‘self-regulation’ - the body's ability to heal itself. It is best known for treating stress factors that may be contributing to environmental illness. Some common symptoms of environmental stressors include general aches and pains or tiredness, digestive upsets, skin problems or just a general feeling of "not being quite right", other symptoms caused by stressor load may be like fungal infections(Candida), cold sore, chronic fatigue, headache, migraines, joint pain, hyperactive, food intolerance, indigestion, and difficult in stopping smoking, etc.. BRT use computer controlled oscillations to identify the stressors, by eliminating those stressors using mirror images of the stressors through bio-feedback to the body without harmful side effects, it activates the self-healing powers, regains the body self-regulating ability and in most of the cases leading to a recovery.


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Affordable Quit Smoking Therapy by using Bicom


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